Tips on How to Prevent Acne Naturally Incidence

Tips on How to Prevent Acne Naturally Incidence

Once the acne disappeared, continued treatment is needed to prevent acne does not come back. You can prevent new breakouts with self-care, such as washing the skin with a gentle cleanser and avoid touching your acne area. Here are tips on how to prevent acne naturally that's what friends do:

Wash area potentially acne twice a day. By washing will remove excess oil and dead skin cells. But too much washing can mengirtasi skin. Wash with a gentle cleanser and oil-free, water-based skin products.
Use acne cream or gel to help reduce excess oil. Choose products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as the active ingredient.
Avoid using heavy make-up. Choose cosmetics are less irritating sow.
Clean make-up before bed. Sleep with cosmetics on the face to close the pores. Discard the make-up that has a long and clean cosmetic brushes and applicators regularly with soapy water.
Use comfortable clothes. Tight clothing can trap hot and humid, so it can irritate the skin. If possible, avoid straps that are too tight, backpacks, helmets, and sports equipment that can cause friction with the skin.
Shower after exercising or working the sweat. This is done because the oil and sweat on the skin can entrap dirt and bacteria.

Also avoid the types of food as the description below that could trigger the emergence or arrival of acne, some of which are:

Fatty foods
Too much fat will inhibit the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result, impaired metabolism so that blood sugar levels will be easy to increase and decrease drastically. In the event of an increase, this condition can trigger acne.
Milk and milk products olahannyaKandungan fat in dairy products is very high and thus their effects on acne like fatty foods. Ice cream, cheese, and the like including dairy products should be avoided by the owners of facial acne.
In addition, there are several types of milk milked from cows that are pregnant. This type of milk contains certain hormones in the human body will be converted into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes acne.
OlahanSecara natural sugar, the sugar found in almost all foods, including fruits. However, as long as the fruit is eaten raw, is a type of sugar they contain complex sugars and carbohydrates in the form of fiber that is not overly increase blood sugar levels. Blood sugars are new will be a problem for acne if it is changed to a simpler form, through the treatment process. Sugar is a simple form of sugar that trigger acne and is widely used in various kinds of sweets and cakes.
KafeinKopi, tea, soft drinks and some types of pain relieving drugs are sources of caffeine that can aggravate acne. One effect is the caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which can increase levels of stress which is one of the triggering factors of acne.
Another side effect of caffeine is a sleep disorder, which can also trigger acne. In addition to increased stress, lack of sleep also inhibits the process of physical recovery and detoxification mechanisms that occur in the body.
Sardin processed foods canned, preserved meatball, sausage, and the like nuggetm including processed food products often contain ingredients including preservatives tambahn. The materials are difficult to be digested by the body and can aggravate inflammation in acne that has become infected.
Thus tips about preventing acne naturally that you can easily do at home. Still keep the skin clean, and eat regularly in order to prevent acne breakouts in the long run that never appeared again.

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